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GIC Verse is a Peer-To-Peer Marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs. It’s the 1st Marketplace to introduce GIC NFT, The 1st ASSET-BACKED NFT that yield divident monthly.

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"The first Asset-Backed NFT that yield dividend monthly!"

GIC VERSE is launching a series of GIC NFT collections that truly changes the landscape of NFT space. GIC NFT is the first asset-backed NFT that grant the owner fractional or full ownership of a Market Maker Account in GICTrade.

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Why Should I Choose GIC Verse?

NFT GIC Verse is one of the breakthrough products from GIC. NFT GIC Verse presents a series of works in NFT art which in addition to having aesthetic value, Also grants ownership of a Marketmaker account in GIC that generates potential profit from the result of trader’s transaction.


GIC NFT Category

GIC NFT Category

GIC Verse is launching 16 types of GIC NFT categorized into batches

NFT Batch

NFT Batch


Start : September Start : September


Start : October Start : October


Start : November Start : November


Start : December Start : December

NFT Type

NFT Type


Equity: 10.000 GICT

100 per Batch

Return: 70%
from Market Maker Performance

category-nft-gict.webp 150 GICT


Equity: 5.000 GICT

10 per Batch

Return: 72%
from Market Maker Performance

category-nft-gict.webp 750 GICT


Equity: 5.000 GICT

2 per Batch

Return: 75%
from Market Maker Performance

category-nft-gict.webp 3500 GICT


Equity: 5.000 GICT

1 per Batch

Return: 78%
from Market Maker Performance

category-nft-gict.webp 6500 GICT

Special Rewards

Special Rewards

These are 3 Special Hero NFTs in every batch for lucky buyer selected randomly by gatcha system!



High Selling Value
Extra Dividend 20% of Special Pool



Very High Selling Value
Extra Dividend 35% of Special Pool



Fantastic Selling Value
Extra Dividend 45% of Special Pool


How It Works

How It Works
  • Monthly Dividend Share: 80% of the account performance.

  • Each NFT Owner is entitled dividend share based on the NFT type owned (Bronze 70%, Silver 72%, Gold 75%, and Diamond 78%).

  • The difference in dividend shared from each NFT will be added to the special NFT pool, Which will be distributed to 3 Special NFT monthly (Legendary 45%, Epic 35%, Rare 20%).

  • By purchasing GIC NFT, you will automatically become a Market Maker in GIC.

  • Rewards in dividend pool and special NFT pool will be distributed every month.


Benefit of GIC NFT

  • Can be owned and resold at various prices

  • Get returns from NFT GIC. Each level has different benefits.

  • Each type of NFT is different also unique and has a limited stock.

  • By purchasing NFT, you will automatically become a Market Maker in GIC.

  • Get return income every month from being a Market Maker.


Where To Buy NFT GIC Verse

Where To Buy NFT GIC Verse

GIC Verse products can be purchased in 2 ways. First in the GIC application.
Second, purchases can be made through Legion Swap.



Now, You Can Sell and Trade NFT GIC Collection at our Store Partnership

How to Buy NFT GIC Verse

How to Buy NFT GIC Verse
  • 1

    Register GIC Account from

  • 2

    Download the GIC Application from Play Store or App Store then Register Your Account.

  • 3

    Personal data verification

  • 4

    Open the "GIC Verse" menu and fill in your balance.

  • 5

    Select NFT Account type

  • 6

    Make payment and open your gatcha NFT.

  • 7

    Your NFT is already available and can be seen in My NFT menu.

NFT GIC can also be obtained in Legion Swap !

NFT GIC can also be obtained in Legion Swap !

Open Legion Swap

Connect Wallet

Click Buy Legion

Select Account Type NFT

Click Buy Now

Join Now



NFTs are digital assets that can be used as proof of ownership, traded using cryptocurrencies.

The difference between NFT and other Crypto Assets is that the value of cryptocurrency purely economic, the value comes from its use as a currency or investment. While NFT has economic and non-economic value.

Non-Fungible Token is a rare digital asset. In other hand, Non-Fungible Tokens allow investors to have original digital content. The Non Fungible Token contains unique code-era authentication for each work owned.

NFT can used in Artwork Industry, NFT in Business Context, and NFT in Hobby and Entertainment Industry.
All services in one trading ecosystem. Find a Variety of Trading Solutions in Various GIC Products.

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