Presented to ease forex trading as a solution for various issues on Trader or Market Maker's side

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What is GICT Coin (GICT)

GICT is a coin from the BTC technology fork designed to be used in the GIC platform super ecosystem. This cryptocurrency is used as Utility Coin in GICTrade, GIC Academy, GIC Social Trade, GIC Signal, GIC Bridges and Swaps. Super Apps GIC is a platform that answers all the needs of Forex, Commodity and Crypto traders.

Crypto GICTrade Coin (GICT) as a solutions for various issues on Trader or Market Maker's side

Trader's Side

Avoiding Illegal Practices
High Transaction Fee

Market Maker's Side

High Operational Cost
High Fund
Strict Regulation


Look forward to GICT listing and Open Deposit on the 16th August 2022 at Indodax!

August 18th, 2022 Start transaction.

Indodax is a digital asset trading platform that has existed since 2014. The head office is located in South Jakarta, precisely the Millennium Building Centennial Center. Indodax is officially and legally registered at Badan Pengawasan Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi (Bappebti).


Coin Sale Fact Sheet

GICT Overview
Coin Type Utility Coin (Fork BTC)
Ticker GICT
Address Prefixes G
Algorithm Scrypt
Type Proof of Stake
Block Time 60 Seconds
Block Size 4 MB
Block per Day +/- 1440 Blocks
Difficulty Retargeting Every Block
Transaction per Second 173 TPS (current theoritical maximum)
Quantity per Transaction
Max Coin Supply 99,272,330 GICT
Coin Symbol GICT
Accepted Currencies USDT, IDR, BTC


WGICT is a wrapped GICT coin based on BEP 20 technology

WGICT smart contracts can be used in Apps for Staking and Farming needs on Decentralized Exchange (Swap) who have cooperated with us. For now, can trade WGICT on ApeSwap with enter the Smart Contract listed above.

Buy WGICT on Ape Swap
Smart Contract WGICT Contract: 0x27b2d695ef01d10ee96582a23db201b0aa338639


GICT is a BTC coin fork designed to support the ecosystem and community GICTrade. This cryptocurrency is used as a tool for forex trading transactions in GICTrade ecosystem. Its presence is a solution to various problems on the trader's side and brokers.

Facilitate forex trading on GICTrade, the potential price of which at any time can be increases, and when GICT staking becomes available, there are several advantages you can take enjoy staking GICT.

You can buy GICT on the Primadax exchange, Indodax, and Crex24. Also via dApps ApeSwap via WGICT smart contract.

Visit Primadax and Crex24, register yourself as a user in both places. After the registration process is complete, open the market feature, and search for GICT. Then, buy. For PancakeSwap, you must first download the TrustWallet application or MetaMask. After downloading, register in the application. Then, prepare WBNB for trading fees. Click the dApps feature in the application. Type ApeSwap. Connect with TrustWallet or MetaMask. Switch network to BNB. Exchange WBNB with WGICT. To be able to exchange it, enter a smart contract 0x27b2d695ef01d10ee96582a23db201b0aa338639.

We are available on decentralized exchange considering in our blockchain we have implemented binance smart contract. Which is the network our usage are generated by BEP 20. As well as could be scanning in our explorer blockchain system.
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