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Introducing GIC Signal features for experienced traders to contribute and earn while providing signals for other traders

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GIC Signal

GIC Signal is a feature similar to GIC Social Trade. The only difference of the feature is the ability to provides signal without execution based on the account owner approval. While GIC Social Trade automatically copy transactions of the master account, GIC Signal will require owner’s approval for execution providing traders with more flexibility and options.

Signal Follower can also adjust the size of the trade, Profit target and Stop Loss before and after executing the trade


Benefit of GIC Signal

Expedite the learning process of newbie trader

Experience traders can contribute to provide signal and earn monthly subscriber fee from Followers

Followers have the complete control of their account as they can evaluate the signal before executing the trades

User-friendly interface that enables likes and comments for open communication and interaction among providers and other followers

Open statistics like signal accuracy and trade history are provided for evaluation


Join as Signal Provider or Signal Follower Now!

Join as Signal Provider or Signal Follower Now!

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