GICTrade Transforming the Outdated & Inefficient model of Forex Trading!

GICTrade Transforming the Outdated
& Inefficient model of Forex Trading!

GICTrade Transforming the Outdated & Inefficient model of Forex Trading!

Introducing the First Game-Changer trading model
Blockchain-based Peer to Peer Forex Derivatice Trading System

More than 30,000 users have joined the Revolution!


Back Story

Forex trading is the biggest and most liquid market in the world with over $7 trillion being traded daily. However the industry is still operating with an outdated and inefficient ways.




Trader's Problem

Traders always trade in unfair trading arena such as lack of transparancies, transactions manipulations and high cost of trading

Lack of Transparencies

High Trading Fees

Conflict of Interest
Lack of Transparencies
High Trading Fees
Conflict of Interest

Market Maker's Problem

Traders and Market Makers are always in conflict of interest. Forex scams have been increasing all over the world and authorities have been increasing crackdowns and imposed stricter regulations to institutions, which also makes them becoming more inefficient and higher cost to operate.

High Capital Cost

High Operational Cost

Tight Regulatory Requirement
High Capital Cost
High Operational Cost
Tight Regulatory Requirement

The New and Game Changer Way

GIC believes there is a better trading platform for both Traders and Market Makers and we set out to build just that - a blockchain based Peer to Peer Trading Platform where Users can choose to become Traders or Market Makers or even Both seamlessly at the same time (Peer to Peer)


The Benefit

With the breakthrough Peer to Peer technology, GICTrade will benefit All Traders and Market Makers in its platform:

- No intermediaries
- Minimal Transaction Fees
- No Setup Cost & Capital
- No Conflict of Interest
- Increased Transparancy
- Access to Market Maker Function that was never accessible to retailers

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Let's Transform the Market Together

No Transaction Manipulations
Free Swap
No Comission
Spread start from 0
Increased Transparency
Start Trading with 150K IDR
Market Makers
Access to Market Maker functions
No Setup Cost
Start with as low as 75mio IDR
Instant Result
Passive Trading
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Forex industry is the largest financial industry in the world with a trading volume of 7 trillion dollars per day, but ironically, this industry still uses outdated and inefficient trading model that has cost trillions of dollars annually.

Traders Problem

The current market structure is leveraged to the advantage of Brokers and Market Makers, causing traders to trade at a disadvantage such as lack of transparency, market manipulation, high trading fees etc.

Market Maker Problem

Aside from high setup capital and cost market makers are faced with many legal challenges. Due to many cases of unethical practices by institutions, the regulator is implementing stringent regulations making it difficult for the Market Maker to operate. This has caused challenges with legal issues and regulations

We believe there is a better trading ecosystem that can solve all the inefficiencies caused by current system by creating GICTrade. The First Peer to Peer Forex Trading platform powered by blockchain, where users can choose to become a trader or a market maker in our platform and trade in a peer to peer setting.

Benefits as a Trader:
  • Traders can trade with confidence in a fair trading arena
  • No Conflict of interest
  • Little to no Trading Fees as a result of P2P trading model
  • No intermediaries
  • Increased Transparency
  • Fully integrated ecosystem with multiple enhancement features such as Social Trade, Signal, Academy

Benefits as a Market Maker:
  • Easy access as Market Maker with low ticket size
  • Owning an NFT that represent ownership of a portion of market maker account
  • No setup capital and cost
  • Instant result
  • Passive trading with stable income

Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd is a legal holding company incorporated in Singapore and has received an official legal statement from Singapore Law Firm RHTLawTaylor Wessing LLP regarding the issuance of the GICT coin. In Indonesia Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd with the Global Investa Cakrawala business entity collaborate with legal Brokers (TPFx) and marketmaker institution (PT. Capital Megah Mandiri) under the supervision of Jakarta Future Exchange (JFX/BBJ) and Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (KBI)
Global Investa Capital develops the world's first Peer to Peer (P2P) Forex Trading Platform that allows customers to choose as Traders or Market Makers. This revolutionary platform uses Metatrader 5 technology and blockchain to make trading safe and transparent for all its users

Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd created a Peer to Peer Trading platform by combining blockchain technology and metatrader. Global Investa Capital is a technology company that work closely with legal brokers (TPFx) and licensed Market Maker company (PT. Capital Megah Mandiri) in its operation. Once again, the P2P trading concept (customers trade directly with another customers) is very powerful :
  1. Increase the trust of customers who trade on our platform because both Traders and Market Makers on the platform are customers.
  2. The P2P trading ecosystem without intermediaries offers the advantage of 'Zero Swap Charges' .
  3. Zero Commissions - Global Investa Capital benefits from network effects which means no commission fees.
  4. Low Spread - With the P2P concept, we are able to provide very competitive and low spreads
  5. Trading Security & Transparency - Blockchain technology strengthens security and prioritizes on transaction transparency, allowing users to trade with confidence.
Is my money safe with Global Investa Capital ? GIC whole ecosystem is using GICT and WGICT. Our users could acquire GICT on Centralize Exchange or WGICT on Decentralize Exchange. GICT is listed on multiple exchanges such as primadax and indodax