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Frequently Ask Questions

Our Focus

Bringing the FIRST Peer to Peer (P2P) Platform in Indonesia in an industry that still doesn't prioritize the main parties, namely the Traders. With a P2P system, Global Investa Capital maximizes your trading results with an almost zero-cost-experience with no commissions, free swaps, and low spreads with no Deposit restrictions.

Why Join with Us

Transaction Transparency
There is no conflict of interest between the customer and the Merchant Company. Every transaction can be monitored either through the web or application

Advantages of Trading on P2P Platforms

Join as a Trader
Get abundant benefits with
become a Trader at Global Investa Capital.
Commission and swap free and low spreads.

Join the Market Maker
Earn passively by becoming a Market Maker in Global Investa Capital

Low Cost
Earn passively by becoming a Market Maker in Global Investa Capital

Ease of Being a Market Maker
Market Maker as a complement to transactions can be done by individuals through our platform, not only for large financial institutions

2 Easy Steps to Join

Top Up
Make a deposit via the official transfer method from the app

Start Trading Actively as a Trader or Passive Trading as a Market Maker

Why the Forex Industry needs to be transformed

The Forex industry is the largest financial industry in the world with a trading volume of 7 trillion dollars per day, but ironically, this industry still uses outdated and inefficient trading methods. Because of this, the forex industry has caused all of these industry players to lose up to trillions of dollars per year.
Traders make transactions on platforms that lack transparency, are charged with high fees, manipulate prices in favor of Brokers and Market Makers
Due to the many cases of unethical practices on the part of the institution, the regulator is implementing increasingly stringent regulations making it difficult for the Market Maker to operate
The Forex industry itself also gets a bad reputation in the eyes of ordinary people because of the many cases of fraud and illegal practices in the name of the forex industry

What is Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd?

Global Investa Capital built the world's first Peer to Peer (P2P) Forex Trading Platform that allows customers to choose as Traders or Market Makers. This revolutionary platform uses Metatrader 5 technology and blockchain to make trading safe and transparent for all its users.

Why is our P2P Platform called a breakthrough?

Global Investa Capital's P2P platform is the first Forex trading platform that gives customers access to become Traders or Market Makers, in other words, customers as buyers will meet directly with customers as sellers (Peer to Peer). With this concept, of course, Global Investa Capital makes this P2P platform at a very different level from brokers in general because:
1. Fair and not in favor of anyone because Traders and Market Makers are the same as customers
2. By bringing customers together without going through institutions or marketing brokers, the trading costs on this platform are minimal: no commissions, free swaps and low spreads.

What are the advantages of this platform compared to the platforms offered by other brokers?

Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd created a Peer to Peer Trading platform by combining blockchain technology and metatrader. Global Investa Capital is a technology company, not a broker or broker. We work closely with brokers (TPFx) and licensed traders (PT. Capital Megah Mandiri) in operations.

Once again, the P2P concept (customers meet directly with customers) is very powerful and opens many advantages for customers including:
1. Increase the trust of customers who trade on our platform because both Traders and Market Makers on the platform are customers.
2. The P2P trading ecosystem without going through the institution provides the advantage of 'Zero Swap Charges' .
3. Zero Commissions - Global Investa Capital benefits from network effects which means no commission fees.
4. Low Spread - With the P2P concept, we are able to provide very competitive and low spreads
Trading Security & Transparency - Blockchain technology strengthens technology security and is also peer to peer which prioritizes transaction transparency, enabling users to trade with confidence.

Is Global Investa Capital legal?

Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd is a legal holding company incorporated in Singapore and has received an official legal statement from Singapore Law Firm RHTLawTaylor Wessing LLP regarding the issuance of the GICT coin. Yes, in Indonesia Global Investa Capital Pte Ltd with the Global Investa Cakrawala business entity cooperates with Brokers (TPFx) and Traders (PT. Capital Megah Mandiri) which are legal under the supervision of BBJ, KBI and CoFTRA.